memory plants

Images and text by Julia Cost

These remind me of umbrellas

I remember thinking how the black dot in the center of these flowers isn’t black at all, but a deep hole, like the pupil of our eyes. Something about that kept me thinking for a long time.

This unintentional roof garden makes me happy, even though it needs to be repaired. Nature always prevails. Something about that is comforting.

This tree tunnel keeps getting more and more tunnely. I remember that I was so impatient when I was a kid and wanted all the trees to make tunnels.

Images and text by Mark Beasley

Photo of Mark's tree

Photo of Mark's tree

When I was 4 or 5 I helped plant this white pine tree (second photo, taken in ~2015). Now whenever I encounter a pine tree, I think about my age in tree years. (first photo, just now)

Images and text by Ángel Álvarez

Photo of Angel's plant

I found this plant almost dead in a room I rented for 9 months when I moved to another country few years ago. Since then we both started a new life together.